where a woman can build her strength and freedom

How do we build our full capability to give our gifts?

An open hand represents capability as the hand gently reaches forward to give from within.

Each week, we have been looking at one of the dimensions of a whole life
(mind, spirit, body, character, identity, capability, love, contribution. )
I have been offering you first steps to build each one.
Last week we looked at identity:
Identity is the gifts we give to the world
As we saw, who you are is what you have to give.
Today we will look at capability.

What is capability?

Capability is having the power and knowledge to be able to do things.

we have the power and knowledge to drive a car,
we have the power and knowledge to search for information on the internet,
we have the power and knowledge to shop for clothes.

Capabilities such as these, and many more,
are necessary for daily life
but are not central to our identity.

Our identity is the gifts we give to the world,
so the capability that is central to our identity is:
the power and knowledge to give our gifts to the world.

Our capability

Our happiness and success depend greatly
on how well we build the power and knowledge we need
to develop our gifts.

Right now, you may say: “I have no gifts.”
This simply means you haven’t found them yet!

To assist you in your search, please see my previous posts:
What unique capability do you have that people want and need?
Which capability will you develop in the New Year?

Over time, you will see more clearly what your true gifts are,
and where your gifts are most needed.
The world will call to you
to meet the needs only you can meet.

First steps to develop your capability

Your capability is made of two things:
your power and your knowledge.
Once you have identified the area your gifts are in, ask yourself:
What kinds of power and knowledge do I need in this area?

For example,
suppose you have realized the real you is a teacher.
You would then ask yourself:
What kinds of power do I need to become a fine teacher?

Well, we have been building the power essential to everyone
(mind, spirit, body, character, identity) in my recent posts
so I recommend you begin with Let’s build a whole life
then review the posts that followed.

But there are also specific powers necessary to becoming a fine teacher.
Foremost is the power to communicate.
You will need to develop powerful verbal and written communication
to be able to connect, motivate and give your best to your students.

And then, you would ask yourself:
What kinds of knowledge do I need to become a fine teacher?
To become a fine teacher, you must become a seeker of knowledge,
not a passive recipient.

Going to classes (college, university, training programs, etc.)
and getting degrees and certificates doesn’t make you a teacher.
Such achievements may be necessary to achieve your goals,
and they will develop many specific capabilities,
but they are not sufficient.

What will build you into a fine teacher is your eager, active, passionate desire
to understand life in all its dimensions.

To become a fine teacher is to learn and grow continuously.
This means reading great works of literature,
inspiring biographies, sermons…
learning about history, politics, psychology, technology…
exploring new theories and discoveries
in a wide range of fields…
connecting with music, art, dance, movies and theater…
All this and more is how you will always be full and overflowing
with valuable insight.

You will give your gift of teaching
by sharing with your students the essence
of all the understanding within you.
Thus they will learn about life as a whole,
not just about the specific subject you are teaching.

The teachers we remember
are the ones who built our lives.

First steps to build any area of capability

Maybe the area of your gifts is very different from teaching.
Maybe your area is computer programming, conservation,
songwriting, political leadership, animal welfare, health care…
The steps to build your power and your knowledge in any field
are much the same as for teaching.

In every field,
you must develop yourself as a whole human being,
not just a skilled practitioner.
To be truly capable in this world
is to have a wide range of power and knowledge.
That is why the key for all of us is to become lifelong learners
who can’t wait to learn something new
and can’t wait for our next discovery!

Dr. Hall