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BIO (cv)




University of Toronto
PhD in Psychology 1993

University of Toronto
M.A. in Psychology 1982

York University
Glendon College (Toronto)
Specialized Honours (Bilingual-French/English) B.A. in Psychology 1979


Licensed as a Clinical Psychologist in Ontario 1994-2009
by the College of Psychologists of Ontario

Post Doctoral Internship 1983-1984
Toronto-Bayview Cancer Clinic & Sunnybrook Medical Centre
Toronto, Ontario

Certificate in Medical Terminology 1976
Sunnybrook Medical Centre
Toronto, Ontario


The Psychology of Forgiveness October 14, 2000
Presented on a one hour interview show on Chautauqua (NY) Cable Channel 5
with numerous viewers calling in to ask their questions

Presented numerous clinical case studies 1993-1998
to Psychiatric Nurses of Whitby Mental Health Centre, Whitby, Ontario
How to Reduce Fear in the Paranoid Patient
How to Encourage the Fearful Patient to Talk
How to Deal with Suicidal Patients

Presented a three hour intensive clinical training seminar January 30, 1996
to Psychology Interns of Whitby Mental Health Centre, Whitby, Ontario
How to Conduct Psychotherapy with Psychotic Patients

Fear of Cancer Recurrence 1986-1993
Presented clinical seminars at the London Regional Cancer Centre (London, Ontario),
Whitby Mental Health Centre (Whitby, Ontario)


Independent research, psychoanalytic theory development & writing 2001 to present
Washington, DC/ NY

Private practice in psychoanalytic psychotherapy, Whitby, Ontario 1998-2001

Clinical Psychologist in high security forensic/psychiatric wards 1993-1999
Whitby Mental Health Centre, Whitby, Ontario

  • Psychoanalytic psychotherapy (short and long term) with psychotic/high risk patients;
  • Supervisor and trainer of Doctoral and Pre-Doctoral Interns;
  • Taught regular clinical seminars and presented case studies to Interns and staff;
  • Member of Academic Council overseeing Internship Training Program;
  • Consultant to hospital administration: assessed highly dangerous cases and gave opinions in strategic decision-making on risk-reduction and community protection;
  • Expert witness in Ontario Court: repeatedly called to provide lengthy testimony on my therapy patients re: danger level, sentencing, potential if any for rehabilitation; was extensively challenged by defense lawyers and prosecutors; won all decisions
  • Consultant to leadership of multiple treatment teams re: case handling, team-building;
  • Consultant to jail administrators on how to handle psychopathic inmates;
  • Crisis Intake providing immediate concise assessment/diagnosis and recommendations

Doctoral Intern in Psychology 1983-1984
Toronto-Bayview Cancer Clinic/Sunnybrook Medical Center
Toronto, Ontario
Psychotherapy with cancer patients;
Conducted research study interviewing cancer patients on their needs

Honorary Appointment to the Department of Psychology 1981-1982
The Hospital for Sick Children
Toronto, Ontario
to conduct research for M.A. thesis

Supervisor in the Psychoeducational Clinic 1980-1982
Ontario Institute for Studies in Education/
University of Toronto
Taught M.A. Psychology candidates how to conduct in depth comprehensive
psychoeducational assessments, and how to convey their results most constructively to parents and teachers

Psychoeducational Consultant 1979-1983; 1985-1986; 1988-1989
Oakville & East York Boards of Education

PUBLICATIONS (under previous name Raymer)

On the Fear of Cancer Recurrence 1993
doctoral dissertation (Psychology)
University of Toronto
(bound copy in thesis collection of OISE Library)

Psychological Problems in Children with Abdominal Pain February 1984
first author of psychodiagnostic study
published in leading British medical journal The Lancet

A Study of Psychological Factors in Children with Organic and Non-Organic Abdominal Pain 1982
Masters Thesis (Psychology)
University of Toronto

Psychological Factors in Chronic Pain Patients
and Their Relationship to Outcome of Medical Intervention 1979
Specialized Honours BA Thesis (Psychology)
Glendon College of York University
Toronto, Ontario


1984-85 Ontario Graduate Scholar

1983-84 University of Toronto Open Fellowship

1983 Edmund and Marianne Bergler Foundation Research Grant

1983-84 OISE Graduate Assistantship

1982-83 OISE Graduate Assistantship

1982-83 Ontario Graduate Scholar

1981-82 Ontario Graduate Scholar

1980-81 Ontario Graduate Scholar

1979-80 OISE Graduate Assistantship

1978-79 Friends of Glendon Award


National Speakers Association Washington, DC Apprentice 2001-03

American Psychological Association 1995-2001

Ontario Psychological Association 1979-1985