where a woman can build her strength and freedom

Which capability will you develop in the New Year?

A coin rests in grass, representing a capability that you can discover about yourself.

From the day we are born,
we seek to become more capable.
Each of us starts off with a strong desire
to become a CAN DO kid.

So, we continually stretch ourselves
learning how to do new things:
ride a bike, swim, read…
So many explorations
…and so many discoveries!

Once we figure out how something works,
we realize:
                 Wow!  We can actually make this happen!

This is the incredible excitement of learning.
The joy of building our capabilities 
to higher and higher levels.
We summon our courage,
dare to try something new,
then persevere through thick and thin
till we make this new capability our own.

Our confidence grows each time we succeed.
And what a lovely feeling that is!
Each capability we develop
strengthens our freedom 
to live the life we love.

Free to choose

As long as we are free to follow our own path
and choose for ourselves which capabilities we develop,
we do it with enthusiasm.
We work long and hard and happily
to develop the capabilities we love most.
And these become the ones we are best at!

Your choices

Have you been free to choose the capabilities
you want to develop?
Are you on your own path?
If you are, you are fortunate.

Some of us have parents or schools who made our choices for us.
We were expected from day one
to go in a preordained direction.
Others of us have faced limitations from society,
or from factors within our own personalities.

In any case,
It is never too late
to assert leadership over your own life.

In fact, right now would be the ideal time
to do just that.
as I was asking you earlier…
which capability will you develop in the New Year?

Perhaps you are keen to try something new–just for fun!
If so, just go ahead and brainstorm possibilities
till you find an activity or skill
that you would be delighted and inspired to learn.

Or maybe you are wondering if there might be some way
you could actually make a living 
developing and working with a capability 
you already have and love?
If doing that would interest you,
here is the question to ask yourself:

What unique capability do you have that people want and need?