where a woman can build her strength and freedom

What does a woman want? I believe a woman wants to be free.

What does it take to build freedom? I believe it takes inner strength.

With inner strength, you can build the freedom to be able to love and to work, and to create a life you are proud of.

I am Dr. Deborah Hall, a psychoanalytic theorist and writer. Click here for my BIO(cv).

I have a PhD in psychology and worked for many years as a consultant and as a clinical psychologist doing therapy with young men and women.

I am an expert builder of inner strength.

I shifted from doing one-to-one clinical work to becoming a writer so that I can share my insights with more people. I now have a website for gen z women (the golden salon) and one for gen z men (the golden garage.)

I speak to the young person just starting out, but my ideas can be applied at any age.

In my own life, I have a great deal of freedom. It took many years in my own psychoanalysis to build the inner strength to achieve it. Most people simply don’t have the opportunity to do that intense kind of building, so I created these websites to make the insights I gained available to others.

At the golden salon I offer you a vision of a free woman.

I provide you with insight and ideas on how the life challenges you are facing and the obstacles in the way of your freedom can be overcome. I serve as your ally as you build yourself into a free, loved and honorable woman–-proud of your life, and proud of your contributions to America and the world.

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Dr. Hall