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What gift are you hoping to receive?

A little yellow songbird sings and demonstrates giving.

When we were little, we made a list for Santa.
We believed he would bring us what we asked for.
I don’t imagine you are still doing that now, 
as we approach Christmas.
You may have a list of needs a mile long 
but I doubt you are asking Santa to meet them.

Why not?
Well, maybe you don’t believe in Santa Claus any more.
(If that’s the case, you may want to watch Miracle on 34th Street.)
Or maybe you’ve figured it out…
that Santa gives us some things,
but not all things.  

You’ve figured it out… 
that Santa is made for certain kinds of giving, 
and is a poor bet for others.

When we ask him for a teddy bear 
we just might get it.
Because that’s why he’s here.

But if we ask him for words of comfort 
when we are grieving or in distress…
or if we ask him to write us an essay or letter
that shines light 
on a deep dilemma we have always struggled with…
we are sure to be disappointed.

Because that’s not who Santa is.
That’s not what Santa does.

So as Christmas approaches,
and we are face to face with our long list of needs,
let’s simply be glad if we have people in our lives 
–friends, parents, siblings, spouses–
who meet even some of our needs!
It’s not ALL or NOTHING.
Life is not black and white.

I hope you will pause here and read my post:  
Do I see life in black and white?

Realizing who those people are in our lives
who DO at least meet SOME of our needs
is a gift in itself.

Let it be enough.
And with thankful hearts,
let us turn to the true spirit of Christmas,
which is giving.

Let’s ask ourselves some questions about giving…
What kind of gifts contribute to the world?