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How should a man hope he is described after the first date?

A picturesque narrow street, such as seen here sets the stage for a first date. The best outcome from the date should be for the man to be described as "He is a keeper."

What is the best possible thing you could say about a man,

after your first opportunity to talk with him at length and get to know him?

When you get together with your girlfriends, what is it that you might say

that would knock them speechless?

When they are on the edge of their seats…waiting to hear how it went…

what is the most amazing and fantastic statement the you could make?

Let’s see…

You could declare…

He’s hot!

…Yeah? Hot guys are a dime a dozen.

He’s rich!”

…So what? A big fat wallet doesn’t mean squat.

He’s funny!”

…So? He can make you laugh. Big woops.

Yes, I know what you’re thinking:

THAT’S not how my girlfriends would respond!!!

They would be impressed!!! Hot! Rich! Funny! Woweee!!!

Unfortunately, you are probably correct.

What I wrote is how I wish they would respond.

In any case, they wouldn’t be speechless.


there are three words you could say

that would make the room go quiet.

Want to know what they are?

Let’s DO this!

My romance

I found a fine man several years ago.

We spent two days walking beside a lake, talking.

I made my inner assessment of him.

A few months later, we launched into a serious relationship.

Since then, we have been enjoying a happy and harmonious life together.

Last March, covid forced us to isolate on different sides of the US/Canada border.

We have had to live on ZOOM calls.

Last Saturday, during a call, he got down on one knee and proposed !!!

I immediately said YES, with great joy.

Why? Not only because I love him deeply,

but because my original assessment of him,

made after just two days of talking together,

was entirely accurate.

And it had held up over time.

And what was that assessment?

Same three words every man should hope he is described with!!!

The moment of truth

We are back in the room where you are meeting with your girlfriends.

They can’t wait any longer for you to tell them how your date went!

You look around the room at their faces…

you lean in…

and declare:

“He’s a keeper!”

Their eyes go wide.


The room goes quiet.

They are speechless.


Why does the room go quiet?

Because this is such a powerful statement.

Every single female in the room knows exactly what it means!

It means that you have found a gem.

You have found a quality individual.

A young man who is made of the right stuff.

A young man with whom you can build a lasting relationship.

A young man you would be proud to bring home to meet Daddy.

That is why the room is silent.

Your girlfriends all WISH that THEY could find one.

So…you are probably wondering:

What makes a man a keeper?

What causes a woman to conclude that he is one?

Why did I make that conclusion about the man I had talked with for two days?

The short answer is: his character.

His character is what convinced me.

The stories he told me about his life revealed it to me.

Character is the one factor which, if it is lacking,

the relationship cannot and will not last.

Character strength is the rock solid foundation of a lasting relationship.

He’s a keeper” means:

  • This man is solid.
  • He respects himself, and others respect him.
  • He has strong moral values and principles.
  • He stands up for what he believes in.
  • He is a builder, not a user.
  • He is honest and trustworthy and kind.
  • He welcomes responsibility.
  • He doesn’t blame others for his own mistakes and failures.
  • He is reliable.
  • He is a hard worker, shows up on time, and does what he says he will do.
  • I can count on him to be there for me.
  • He is loyal and true and keeps his promises.
  • If he says he will love me always, he will.


How do I know that women, today as always, long to find a man who is a keeper?

A man who will still love them when he’s 70?

Take a look at this video of Ed Sheeran singing Thinking Out Loud.

Observe the rapture on the faces of those young women

when he tells them he will still be loving them the same when he is an old man.

And that their souls will never grow old, because they are evergreen.

That is what it means to be a keeper!

It means you are true.

You are a person who will never stop loving your beloved.

What can you do to become a keeper?

I would encourage you to start with my post:

How can I build a strong character?

Then explore my other posts that will build you further:

What is an admirable woman?

What does it take to become a lovable woman?

What moves can I make today toward being a lovable woman?

Let me be your ally.

We can DO this.

You can take your first steps today.

Right here in the golden salon!

You can start building yourself into a strong, free, and lovable woman.

And one day a strong, free, and lovable man

is going to make the room go quiet .

After he has had a chance to talk with you

and get to know the fine woman you are,

he is going to declare to his friends:

“She’s a keeper!”


Does seeing yourself as a keeper inspire you, scare you, or both?

Go ahead, tell me!

Dr. Hall