where a woman can build her strength and freedom

How does exploring Substacks make us more able to see?

Exploring substacks allow us to see life through different lenses. In the photo here, we see  glasses resting along one path.

In case you haven’t yet ventured into the exciting world of Substacks,
allow me to invite you.
Each writer there sets up their own independent online home base,
where readers can come and respond to their work.

A lively interactive community develops,
in which the writer responds and participates.
Everyone learns and grows together.
Readers and writer absorb, appreciate, challenge and improve upon
each other’s insights.

There is more genuine dialogue and in depth education
readily available in the multidimensional Substacks world
than in many colleges and universities.
If you haven’t joined one yet,
you are in for a treat!

One of theirs or one of your own

You may even decide to start one of your own,
and grow it into a thriving community
where you can offer your own unique insights
on a topic you have a passion for.
You can do that.

For free.
And most substack subscriptions for readers are either free
or about 5 dollars a month (which is a steal.)

If you are a writer, you no longer need a publisher to be widely read.
And if you are a reader, you no longer need big bucks to educate yourself.

You will have your eyes opened

You can develop your awareness and thinking capabilities
by following a wide range of writers
who will open your mind to perspectives and insights
you may not find in textbooks.
And you get to choose your teachers!!!

After you sample their work and personality
and experience the responses of their communities,
you will have the opportunity to see life through the eyes
of the highly perceptive people you choose to learn with.

Seeing life through the eyes of others will help us all
to avoid being judgmental and narrow.
As we open our eyes
let’s ask ourselves this question:

Do I see life in black and white, or is my vision free and colorful?