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Why is morale the decisive factor in any struggle? 

Showing morale in a woman's boots  saying proudly "World, here I come!"

You have probably heard the phrase:  morale is everything.
I believe it is.
But what IS morale?
And why is it so important?

Morale is our fighting spirit.
Our indomitable inner flame.
That electric lightness of being
we feel
when our eyes glow
with eager and dauntless assurance.

We all know it when we’ve got it.
When we have high morale,
our entire being is mobilized.
We are full of vitality and faith.
Our spirit sings!

Without morale
the battle is lost 
even before it begins.

With it
we have the key factor 
to achieve victory 
in whatever struggle we are engaged in.
Upbeat and inspired, 
we will keep fighting
as long as it takes.


Any individual, marriage, business, army…
any group of people with a vision
who is able to maintain high morale 
through the daily struggles of life
becomes virtually unstoppable.

Their fighting spirit,
through daily cultivation,
grows stronger 
than any force or person or event 
that could emerge to deter or defeat them.

The challenge of being a leader

We are all leaders.
Each of us is the leader of our own life.
Being a leader has many responsibilities,
but among the most important 
is building and maintaining morale.

In leading Ukraine against the Russian invasion,
Zelensky’s tremendous accomplishment 
is how he has rallied and consistently maintained high morale 
in his people and in his military.

For months and months he has done this
with daily encouragement, praise and challenge,
and by rallying the world’s material and moral support.
He has lifted and inspired his people 
to incredible feats of courage and audacity.
His countrymen, filled with fighting spirit, 
are now actually turning the tables on the Russian invasion.

This is what high morale can do!
It can turn the whole world around.


But right now…
maybe we would just like to turn today around.
Or tomorrow

So how can we take a step to do that?
Let me offer you an idea…
How can I give my morale a little boost in the morning?