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How can you begin to figure out what you believe?

The photo shows a proud and beautiful purple, gold, red and green design of stained glass to help reflect on what you believe.

It’s good to ask yourself what you believe.
Because your beliefs are guiding your life.
If you don’t know what they are, you are on autopilot.

Am I talking about figuring out your spiritual beliefs?
Yes, but I am also talking about digging deep for ALL your core beliefs.

Let me ask you some questions to get you started.
Are you game?
Let’s DO this!

What do I believe?

I recently watched a great TED talk by Simon Sinek.
He says if we want to attract and inspire others,
we need to tell them what we believe:
“If you talk about what you believe, you will attract those
who believe what you believe.”
He said it’s not what you do that brings others toward you.
It’s why you do it.

Listening to Sinek’s ideas reminded me of how important it is for us
to tell each other what we believe.
I began to do that in an earlier post: What do you believe in and live by?

But recently I realized I need to explore this question further.
I figure if we ask ourselves together, it will give us courage.

Some questions to get us started

Which dimension of life do I believe is most important? Why?

Can I rank the dimensions of life from most to least important?
physical health, emotional health, spiritual health/faith, character, income,
love relationship, family, friends, pets, food, fun, safety, appearance,
career, home, education, creativity, freedom, music, sports, social media,
my community, my country, the world, … (please add any I missed)

Do I spend most of my time on the dimensions I believe are most important?
Do I tell other people why I believe these dimensions are so important?
What do I believe is my role in life? What am I living for?
What do I want to be remembered for when my life is over?

Can I complete this sentence three times?
I believe________________________________________________________
I believe________________________________________________________
I believe________________________________________________________

WOW this is hard, isn’t it!

It’s going to take us some serious time and sweat to answer these questions.
No wonder people don’t often ask themselves what they believe!

But Martin Luther King did, back in 1963.
He told us in his “I Have a Dream” speech.

Amazing that what he believed then is just as relevant today
as it was on the day he spoke.
Let’s listen together
and be inspired all over again.
Martin Luther King – “I Have a Dream” speech.


Which of your beliefs burns deepest in you?

I hope you will write and tell me!

Dr. Hall