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How are you? No, really how ARE you ?

The photo shows a leafless tree at dusk as we ask really how are you?. The tree is surrounded by a soft purple sky, with a luminous glow coming through the empty branches which represent how we might actually feel.

Most of us get asked “How are you?”
many times as we go about our day to day lives.
But we barely hear it,
because it’s a throw away question.
We know it has no actual meaning.
So, we toss back a throw away reply:
“Fine, thanks. How are you?”

Robot question gets robot answer.
Person asking doesn’t want to know.
Person answering doesn’t want to tell.
Equals no real communication going on
in either direction.

suppose someone comes along ( like me ๐Ÿ™‚ )
who actually wants to KNOW
how you really are?
And suppose you would actually like
to TELL this person how you really are…

NOW what?
Well, I guess you’d have to ask yourself
some basic questions…
such as:
What am I thinking and feeling today?
How am I DOING in my efforts to have a good day?

Do you know how you are today?

If you don’t,
maybe itโ€™s because you haven’t asked yourself
any questions like these recently.

How about asking yourself now?
How about telling yourself the truth
about how you really are?
If you will do this
(and I know it is hard)
you will open the door to move forward in your life
...no matter what the answer is.

Being honest with yourself is always the first step.

Maybe you are feeling great today!
If you’re happy and you know it
and you really want to show it…
Clap your hands!
If this is how you are today,
you may decide to skip this post.

But if you are not feeling at all great
I hope you will read on.
Let’s look at our feelings together.
Are you feeling discouraged today?

[I am heading off on holiday! My next post will be November 25.
I wish you and all your family a beautiful and blessed Thanksgiving!]