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What does it mean to be a true friend?

The photo is a silhouette of six persons on top of a mountain, joyfully raising their arms to the sunlight. Is one your true friend?

Are you a true friend to someone?
If you are…
If you are being a true friend to someone right now…
you know that it takes a lot.

A lot of what?
A lot of soul.
You really have to CARE how this person is, 
and will be in their future.

Their life MATTERS DEEPLY to you.
You actually want to KNOW how they are today,
when you ask them.
You make them feel safe and welcome
to tell you how they really are.

They tell you everything:
the good, the bad, and the ugly.
If they are suffering, you don’t run–
you come in closer.
You stay right in close
until they have come through the hard time
and are carrying on.

And you are there just as much
in their happy times!
You love to hear all about their victories
big or small
and you love to celebrate 
and laugh with them.

Only a few

It takes so much soul to be a true friend
that we can only do this with a few people.
But these few people are precious to us.
We are their forever friend.
We will never abandon them
and they know it.

Learning to meet their needs,
learning to stand by and comfort them,
learning to celebrate the best in them…
all this builds us 
into better human beings.
Capable of tenderness.
Capable of love.

We become better partners,
better parents,
better citizens.
It only takes becoming a true friend
to one person
to begin our growth
into a bigger human being.

If you aren’t there yet
ask yourself to find someone.
Think about it,
pray about it.
There is someone out there
who would love to have you
for a true friend.

And what about the other way around?
Is there someone in your life
who is a true friend to YOU?

Who is YOUR best friend?