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How to solve a problem when the problem is you.

Photo shows a person with a problem lying down sleeping, mostly covered by a white blanket.

Let’s face it:
We prefer problems that are caused by someone else.
The ones where we are innocent!
That way, we can be full of righteous indignation
and protest loudly and proudly against the offense.

It’s the problems we cause ourselves
that make us squirm.
Yuck, I did it again!
we mutter.
And we have no one to blame.

Our list

We all have our list of repeats.
Things we just keep on doing
over and over
long after we are sick of it.

So, what’s on your list?
Take a few minutes and jot down 
a few of your most boring problems.
The ones you definitely wouldn’t mind letting go of.

Some possibilities:
Maybe you are sick of wasting your precious time,
one way or another:
surfing around the internet
watching endless mindless videos on TikTok
following the latest celebrity or sports gossip
playing games
watching reruns on TV
sleeping in

Maybe you are sick of how you treat others:
minding other people’s business,
trying to manage and control and fix them
making critical comments about others
to their face, behind their back, or online
declaring your every opinion
as if it is the only Truth and all others are Incorrect

Maybe you are sick of how you treat yourself:
feeding yourself junk food
dressing like a nobody
mercilessly criticizing your every thought and action

The good news

The good news is you are not helpless.
You don’t have to passively accept the situation.
If you are sick and tired of a particular problem,
you can take fast and effective action to reduce it,
and over time you can get rid of it.
I am going to show you how.

Let’s take as an example the problem of sleeping in.
What can we do to stop sleeping in till noon?