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How can we cross the bridge to a happier way of living?

Aerial photo of a bridge providing safe passage to the other side. Building bridges to others will make you happier.

Life is hard.

These last few years during the pandemic
have been really hard.
They have taken a toll on all of us.
I can see the wear and tear on me
every time I look in the mirror.

So let’s face it:
We have all taken losses and disappointments
which have left us wondering how to move forward again.

I am deeply sorry for the pain you have gone through.
I care about whatever isolation, illness or loss
you have been dealing with.

I am with you.

What I want to do today is offer you
a powerful way to begin moving forward again.

I want to show you how asking ourselves
ONE simple but profound question
as we go through our day
can lead to a major improvement in our state of being.

Let’s begin by taking a look at happiness
and what it is made of.

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How can I have a happier life beginning now?