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Do you know how to win a fight ?

The cougar shows us how to win a fight as he crouches on a sloping brown rock, ready to spring forward,
his eyes focused intently as he stares down a potential threat.

The best way to win a fight
is to make sure no one dares attack you.
That’s what Peace through strength means.
You project so much strength
that the person thinking of messing with you
thinks twice.

But to project strength,
you need to know what it is.

There are two kinds of strength:
real and phony.

Much of what passes for real strength
is actually counterfeit.

What is phony strength?

Phony strength is that of the bully.
The bully seems powerful
but is in fact a weakling.

An example of a bully is Donald Trump,
especially since his defeat in 2020.
He attempts to cover his weakness
by making continuous provocative attacks on others,
while portraying himself as their innocent victim.

But his attacks only boomerang on him.
He gets what he gives
and ends in defeat.

Another example of a bully is the school shooter.
He is a pathetic weakling.
He plans and carries out his dramatic attack
in order to give himself the illusion of strength.

His phony show of force
ends only in defeat:
suicide, shot dead, or rotting in prison.

What is real strength?

Real strength is constructive.
Real strength is:
the power to make constructive events happen
the power to prevent or stop destructive events from happening

A person with the power to do both
is a force to be reckoned with.

The goal of my writing is to assist you
to become such a person.
Strong, free, constructive
–and nobody’s victim.

As you develop real strength
–psychological, spiritual and political–
you will become able to build a whole and happy life,
and protect yourself and those you love.

When you are a strong person
the bully will not tend to choose you for a victim.
The bully does not attack
the person who has the power to stop him.

Make sure you always have the power to stop a bully.
Thus you will win many a fight,
most by prevention.

Dr. Hall

PS In case some provocative bully misjudges you
and expects you to be his willing victim
please see my previous post:
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