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Am I a strong person?

Picture of a balance scale to consider that you can balance your weaknesses and become a strong person.

Most of us wonder if we are strong.
Being isolated for so long due to covid has forced us to look at ourselves.
We are also shocked and grieved by all the terrible things happening
to our fellow human beings.
We cannot help asking: Would I be strong enough to deal with that?

What would I do if my grandma were dying of covid?
What would I do if my family members were shot?
If my country were invaded?

Or even if something really common would happen to me…
like being diagnosed with cancer
or losing my job…?

Some of us have tough choices to make at this time and we wonder:
Am I strong enough to make a wise decision?

Or maybe we are feeling defeated and discouraged
and we ask ourselves:
Am I strong enough to get up and try again?

Yes, we have doubts about our strength.
We wonder if we will be able to deal with all the challenges
life will throw at us, because we can see we have weaknesses.

The good news is that having some doubt like this is healthy.
It means we recognize we are human.
We recognize we are not all powerful.

People with no self doubt are madmen.
They are driven to put on a show of being strong all the time.
Pathetic bullies. Insufferable and often dangerous.

To ask ourselves: Am I a strong person? takes courage.
But asking this question opens us up.
It frees us to move forward toward growth.
We can move ahead to become a strong person,
not pretend that we already are.

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