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What is love?

A couple displaying love while holding hands and walking together towards the sunrise on a beach, a deep bond between two souls.

If you are a lonely young woman, you have many thoughts of love.
You read about all the people who seem to have it.
Social media posts are full of claims of it. You read articles on how to get it.
You spend hours of each day wondering why you can’t have it.

If it’s any comfort, most of what you read about isn’t love.
Has nothing to do with love. Most people don’t have love any more than you!!!
A lot of it is sex without love. Phony. And meaningless. The more you do it,
the more you diminish yourself.

Seducing a man isn’t love, nor is getting seduced. Hooking up isn’t love.
Showing a man off and bragging about his body isn’t love.
Finding someone to eat at restaurants with, and drink at bars with,
and sleep with whenever you want to isn’t love.
Neither is finding someone to share your interests and be your companion
and keep you from being alone all the time.
Nor is finding someone to whine with and criticize people with.

In all of these scenarios, all you are doing is using someone.
Using them to fill your own emptiness. Until you focus on filling your emptiness yourself,
instead of expecting someone else to fill it for you, you won’t have anything to give
to love even if the perfect person walks in your door.

So, what is love?

Love is a deep bond created between two souls.
Two people who dare to let their guard down.
Who dare to open up and reveal to each other who they really are.
Who dare to reveal their most private and precious dreams for who
they hope they can become in life.

When they do this, and find that the other person treats their dreams
as tenderly as their own, actually believes they can REACH their dreams,
and actually wants to be part of it…
When this happens both ways, in both directions… this is when they fall in love.

This is when a new being is created.
An alive new being, which is their relationship.
And as long as they nurture their relationship as tenderly as if it is a newborn baby,
they will remain in love.

They will get stronger and stronger, and move closer and closer to their dreams.
This is what love is.
This is what love is for.