where a woman can build her strength and freedom

What does it mean when you can say “I know who I am?”

Smiling young woman, whom I might ask to explore identity -- to know who you are.

Most of us have felt lost at some point in our lives.
I certainly have.

If you are feeling kind of lost these days, just know that I’m with you.
Just know that what is lost can be found—even if just a little at a time.

Today I want to talk with you about who you are.
Getting even just a little more clear on what that means
will begin to move you out of feeling lost
and closer to being found.

Are you with me?
Let’s DO this!

So, who do you say that you are?

Well, let’s look at how people usually describe themselves.

Imagine this scene:
I am at the annual BBQ we have in our neighborhood in New York State.
I see a young woman I haven’t seen before, so I go over, smile and say “Hi! I’m
Deborah Hall. Who are you?”

I am guessing she’d say something like: “I’m Donnie Sanders. I’m from South
Carolina—just moved up here. I work at Home Depot.”
That’s pretty much how we describe ourselves when we meet: name, where
we’re from, where we work.
I would tell her my basic info, and we’d chat.

What else do we say and observe?

In the course of filling me in further, she might say:
“I grew up on a farm, and my family still raises dairy cattle.
But I knew that’s not where I want to settle, so I came up here where my uncle
He’s an elder in the United Church down the road, so that’s where I go.”

Now I know some more about her family background and religion.
I can guess her age is early 20’s, I can see her skin is pale, I am aware that her
manner of dress says she is openly gay, and she’s got a Biden cap on.

Do we know enough now?

OK. So – do I know who she IS?
Do I now know her identity?

Well, I know many aspects:
She’s a young white gay female Christian working class southern Democrat
who’s come North.
Now, I’m not saying these factors aren’t important.
She may see some of them as central.
She may even consider one or more of these factors to BE her identity.

(and this is where I am asking you to give some thought)…
there are lots of other people who have these same aspects.
So, do I really know who she is?

What’s missing from this picture?

What is missing from this picture is:
I still don’t know her essential core:
what is HER and is nobody else.

What I mean by identity

This is what I mean by identity: your individual identity.
What makes you unique.
What makes you YOU.
Only when you know that will you be able to fully say:
I know who I am.

Why is that important to know?

It is important to know because it will mean you have found yourself.
Finding yourself will give you confidence.
Finding yourself will bring new life to all your relationships with people.
In a genuine love relationship, you are loved for who YOU are.
Your individual identity is at the core of what makes you lovable.
And it is from this core you will make your unique contribution to the world.

How to explore who we are

Exploring who we are is an adventure! One that is full of discovery.
If you are keen to be a pioneer, I am happy to tell you there is a map.

The Identity Code by Larry Ackerman.
Yes, buy it and take the journey with him.
Larry Ackerman is a gentle human being and a sane, kind, powerful guide.
He goes with you step by step, till you see who you are.
I went through the steps with him last year.
I got full clarity.

So who am I?

I am Dr. Deborah Hall
and I am driven by the need
to build the foundations of freedom
in the lives of young Americans.

Simple, clear, and true.
This is who I am.
It was a beautiful experience getting clear!
The outcome of my experience with Larry Ackerman
was it moved me forward to create this website for you.

Your gift to you

And now you have the opportunity to give yourself the same liberating clarity.
That book would sure make a great present– from you to you.

Go ahead.
Be brave.
Go for it!


What woman do you admire the most who knows who she is,
and who knows what her unique contribution to the world is?

I’d love to hear!

Dr. Hall