where a woman can build her strength and freedom

What can we do to honor our heroes?

Photo shows an American flag waving above beautiful farmland and small town as we reflect on how to honor our heroes.

Today we grieve our three thousand beautiful people murdered twenty years ago.

And we honor our heroes who gave their lives that day to save others.

Remembering the events of that lovely September day is very painful.

Thank you for doing so, even though most of you reading this
were not yet born, or too young to know about it then..

What happened that day has profoundly shaped the world we all live in.

War was declared against our civilization.

That war against us continues to this day.

The fanatical forces of death who butchered our people on 9/11
recently launched a suicide attack that blew up 13 of our military
along with scores of Afghani citizens desperate to escape fanatical rule.

How do we defend our civilization from these forces?

We follow the example of our heroes.

We, too, can save lives and build freedom.

We build ourselves into strong and free and generous Americans, like them.

We become generous and kind builders in our daily lives.

We can begin by reaching out to the unhappy outsiders in our classrooms.

Our miserable classmates are the future school shooters and terrorists.

We must bring them inside our circle BEFORE they reach that desperate stage!

This is how we PREVENT violence.

We get to know the outsiders–the lonely, alone ones.

We find the best in them, connect with them, and bring them IN.

We STOP anyone who is bullying them.

We STOP the abuse in our own schools
that is creating rage and fueling the lust for revenge.

We honor our heroes by becoming heroes of prevention!

Gen Z will be a generation of heroes of prevention,
saving lives in our schools
saving our environment
building and reuniting our country.

We can DO this.

Let’s roll!

Dr. Hall