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SEE something?  SAY something!

The photo shows a young woman standing with her back to the ocean, covering her eyes with her hands. How will she say something if she tries not to see.

We have all heard this.  Many times.
See something.  Say something.
But what does it mean?

I have been pondering this question
because I am devastated by the terrible murders
that took place in Chicago on the Fourth of July.

I believe that those murders, 
as well as those in Buffalo and Uvalde 
and… and… and…
in all the other places where we have lost and grieved…
might have been prevented or stopped
if some brave and alert soul 
who saw something
had said something.

So, what does See something, Say something 
actually mean? 

Well, we are basically being told
that if we see something that just isn’t right…
we’re supposed to tell somebody about it.

Hmmm.  Are you clear?
I’m not.

WHAT are we supposed to see?
WHERE are we supposed to look?

Let me offer you my thoughts.

WHAT we are supposed to see

We are supposed to see two things:

  1.  warning signs of danger 
              of destruction that MAY happen
  1. destruction that already IS happening.

If we recognize danger when we see it
and we tell someone
we may be able to help PREVENT that danger
from becoming actual destruction.

If we recognize destruction that is already occurring
and we tell someone
we may be able to help STOP that destruction
and PREVENT it from continuing.

WHERE are we supposed to look?

You may be surprised when I tell you
where is the most important place to look.
You probably think we are supposed to look 
around in our environment…
for dangerous bullies!

YES.  You are correct.
That is exactly who we are looking for.
Sadistic bullies. 
Some are very quiet, but deadly.
Full of undigested anger.

What you may not realize
is that the bully that is the biggest danger to YOU
is in your own head.
So that is where I recommend you look first.

Three places to look for signs of danger and destruction:

  1. Inside your own mind

   If you read the journals left by mass murderers
   you will see they struggled with emotions familiar to  
   most of us:  loneliness, alienation, rage, despair, suicidal thoughts.

   Please realize these individuals are not alien creatures
   from some other planet.
   They are people much like us and our friends.

   They bought into lies from their own sadistic inner bully
   that told them that murdering others 
   would serve their twisted cause 
   and that it was their heroic destiny.
   They passively submitted to these lies.

  If you look inside your own mind and find
  some of these disturbed emotions and thoughts, 
  do not submit.
 There is no law that says you have to surrender to bullshit.

  SAY something.
  Ask for help.
  Prevent your OWN destruction
  and the destruction of others.

  1.  On social media 

  Sadistic bullies love to post their plans.
  Many mass murderers 
  made their intentions well known online

  Why did no one say anything?

  If you see a warning sign online, 
  someone bragging and advertising their twisted intentions,
  tell someone in authority.
  Then make sure the warning is acted on.

  1.  In your physical environment

 In your daily life, you often encounter sadistic bullies.
 Learn to recognize them.
 Especially notice the quiet ones wearing black.

 Keep your eyes on them.
 If they are not too far gone,
you may be able to reconnect them with society
 by talking with them and including them 
 in your social events.

 If that is not possible,
 it means yes they are probably a potential danger.
 Say something. Tell someone your concerns.

In sum,
I encourage you not to be passive.
Do your best, 
on all three levels, 
to SEE danger, if it is there:  
in yourself, on social media, and in your environment
and TELL someone 
who can take effective preventive action.

Yes, you will make a valuable contribution
to yourself, your family, your community, your country.
You will help prevent the terrible tragedies 
we are all grieving.

if you come across destruction that is already happening…
                      never be a bystander!

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