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How do we defeat a murderous dictator?

Photo shows one person’s hand and another person’s hand reaching across an ominous sky to join together in strength.

Vladimir Putin’s horrific invasion of Ukraine has stunned us all.

It is unbelievable.

But it is real.

A brutal wake up call.

As we emerge from our denial
we behold a sadistic mind unleashing his malevolent power
on the innocent.

We see him inflicting a vast nightmare of pain and destruction
upon a freedom loving people, bombing their families as they sleep.

The cold calculated cruelty of this man’s mind
shocks us to our core.

Behold a psychopath.

Putin is a criminal psychopath who has been allowed
to strut the world stage
and be treated as a leader.

Putin is no leader.

He is a merciless killer.

So let’s talk.

Let’s talk about how we will stop him.

There are ways every one of us can contribute
to his defeat.

Are you willing?

Let’s DO this!

Find common ground

I am a conservative. My brother is on the far left.

I never talk politics with him because I want to preserve our relationship.

But last night I thought:

Well, if we can’t agree on THIS…shame on both of us.

So I wrote him:

I’m with you bro and I can hear how hard you are working
to keep all the dimensions of your life moving forward.

Always a challenge for all of us, but made all the harder this week
by the shock and pain of witnessing
Putin’s barbaric invasion and assault on Ukraine.

My heart is heavy with dread of the annihilation of Kyiv,
and the snuffing out of the hero Zelensky.

Putin is a psychopath and a butcher.

I hope the whole world unites against him
and stops him.
If we don’t he will continue and devour more.

He wrote back:

Even if Putin kills Zelensky the struggle will not be over.

Ukraine will not be destroyed by Putin as Syria was.

The masses of the people have guns and molotov cocktails
and far more spirit than the poor deluded Russian soldiers
who do not want to be fascists.

Unless Putin decides to get out, this has just started.

Ukraine is one of the last countries one would want to conquer
when it has, as it does now,
an organized guerrilla force AND a modern army.

My friends, if me and my brother can agree like this,
we can all agree.

Our united strength

As we learned from World War II,
the only thing that stops the advance of a murderous dictator
is force.

And what is that force made of?

The united strength of the freedom loving people of the world.

We stop him with our unity of will.

Our united moral and spiritual strength.

Our united political, economic and military strength.

We unite, and we say NO.

All of us are needed to do this.

Not one of us is powerless.

Each of us living in freedom today
can contribute to the survival and freedom of Ukraine.

And to the survival and freedom
of all the other countries in Europe
that Putin has in mind to conquer next.

Some ways we can take united action

We can pray together for the strength of Ukraine’s resistance.

We can give money for humanitarian aid.

We can express our support in online forums
for Ukraine and for the neighboring countries in danger.

We can find and read journalists and thinkers of both our parties
who are offering clear and principled analysis.

We can support those leaders in both our parties who are actively aiding
Ukraine to prevail, and bringing her into our democratic alliances.

We can call the offices of our Democrat and Republican leaders
who are supporting Zelensky and thank them.

We can urge them to give him and the Ukrainian people
the most valuable immediate assistance that America possibly can.

We can do all our actions with love, with courage, and with faith,
knowing that together the forces of freedom will win.

Sometimes it takes a crisis

Sometimes it takes desperate circumstances to bring people together.

We Americans seem only to unite in a crisis.

We blew the opportunity to unite in prevailing over the pandemic.

We now get another chance.

Our red team and our blue team both.

We get another chance.

Yes, we have a real enemy.

And…it’s not each other.

The best laid plans

Putin did not intend this result of his invasion:

He has brought together the entire democratic world.

His ruthless plan to conquer European countries
has already been totally exposed.

And it will be utterly defeated.

He doesn’t know that yet,
but he will find out.

The eyes are the window of the soul

Look deep in Putin’s eyes.

Actually, you can’t.

They are blank.

There is no mercy in those eyes.

They are cold and empty.

Ah, but ours are not.

Our are not empty.

Ours eyes are full of love.

And our hearts are full of hope.


Who do you know whose politics differ from yours?

How about sending them an email
proposing that you find common ground together
in your basic support of Ukraine?

We can all reach out and do this, without debating the details!

This is our moment. This is our opportunity to unite.

Dr. Hall