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What is beauty?

A woman with a beautiful smile and a glowing light in her eyes talking on her cell phone showing tenderness and inner spiritual beauty

Our society places utmost importance on a woman having beauty. We have highly defined standards, and women who meet or exceed these standards are revered. Actresses, singers and models are our beauty icons.

Our standards used to be extreme, but over time they have become more moderate. Today many of our stars inspire us to stay fit and healthy, which can be beneficial as long as our comparisons remain constructive.

Yet our focus on beauty remains primarily on physical beauty.

We don’t ask: “Is she spiritually beautiful?”

Yet perhaps this is the question we need to ask.


Because no amount of physical beauty can make up for the absence of spiritual beauty.

I’ll say that again:

No amount of physical beauty can make up for the absence of spiritual beauty.

So, what is spiritual beauty?

Spiritual beauty, in its essence, is tenderness.

It is the tenderness we see in a giving woman
as she seeks to love and comfort those she loves,
as she seeks to nurture and encourage children.

It is seen in her gentleness, forgiveness, caring and compassion.

Tenderness –given and received– is her way of life.

It is what causes her eyes to glow, her smile to be radiant, her body to exude a deep and loving sensuality.

When a woman is truly loved, it is her spiritual beauty that is loved.

To be near a spiritually beautiful woman is to experience her serenity, and to be blessed by it.

Whatever physical beauty she may have is wonderful, but it is the tender sweetness of her soul that touches you.

This is the beauty that every one of us can have.

We will nurture it gently here, like a flower.