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What does it mean to get in shape?

The photo shows a trainer in a gym helping a young woman get in shape.

If I would ask you “What does it mean to get in shape?”
I imagine you would say something like
“It means to get fit. Work out and drop some pounds!
Get your body strong and looking good.”

Am I right?
This is what we mean by “get in shape.”
What if I told you that’s all well and good,
but you have left out the most important part.

And what’s that, you ask?
Your mind, I say.
Your mind is the most important part.
If you have a strong body but you don’t have a strong mind,
you are not in shape.

No matter how much weight you can press
nor how many miles you can run.
You will never be able to run far enough
nor fast enough
to get away from a weak mind.

We all need a strong mind.
A mind that is fit, free and capable
of rising to the challenges of life.
That is why so much of the insight I offer you here
is about building your mind.

There are lots of boot camps to build your body.
What is needed is a boot camp to build your mind.
I am working to create one.
Stay tuned. 🙂

you may think I am just going to carry on
talking about your mind today…

Mind and body go together.
We need to get in shape physically, too!

Link: How can we start to get in shape?