where a woman can build her strength and freedom

Why do I dress in the particular way I do?

The way we dress can be for many reasons. A smiling, well dressed young woman looks comfortable, fashionable, attractive and confident.

The way we dress has an impact on our strength and freedom.

It can increase our confidence and our capacity to achieve our goals.

Make us feel more attractive and more alive.

But it can also weaken us and drag us down.

Every woman has her own reasons for the way she dresses.

You have yours.

You may think you know them, and you may be quite comfortable with them.

But sometimes there are other factors at work that you may not have thought
of, nor fully evaluated.

So let’s take a look together at why people dress the way they do.

Let’s consider the primary reasons, and how you look at them.

Are you game?

Let’s DO this!

What reasons does a woman have for dressing in a particular way?

I would propose that these are the primary ones:

1) To be approved by her girlfriends
2) To be considered attractive
3) To be considered in fashion
4) To impress others (such as her boss and/or co-workers)
5) To express her belonging to the culture she identifies with
6) To express her attitude and views toward society
7) To be comfortable

You may place them in a very different order of priority, and some may not
apply, but I am betting your main reasons are on this list.

Take a few minutes and make your own list, in your own order of priority.

What essential reason is missing here?


Now I am going to suggest that the most important reason of all is missing.

The one that I hope you will consider placing at the top of your list.

This reason has nothing to do with anyone but you.

ALL the reasons listed above (except comfort) are SOCIAL reasons.

They concern your relation to other people and to society.

The reason that I am proposing is not social.

It is individual.

Please note, I am not recommending that you disregard your social reasons.

They all have a role.

I am simply urging you to demote them.

Reduce their power over you.

Instead of trying to please everyone else, to thine own self be true.

Reason Number One

So here is my proposal for Reason Number One:

Why do I dress the way I do?


It makes me happy!
It expresses my best self!
It puts me forward into the world
in the way I want to be seen and perceived!
It gives me joy, and makes me feel strong and free!

Now all the other reasons can fall in line

Once you have this clear, you can re-evaluate all your social reasons.

You may find that you have been too willing to submerge yourself,

too willing to be ruled by others’ opinions and tastes.

It is perfectly possible to dress in a way that is respectful of others at the
same time as being respectful of yourself.

I am not seeking to stir up rebellion here. I am simply encouraging you to
hold your own in this world.

Respecting yourself comes first.

No one is ever going to come over to you and say:

“Why don’t you dress more like YOU?”

It’s your job to ask yourself that!

You don’t need an invitation.

You don’t need permission.

You are free.


Did I miss any of your reasons for why you dress the way you do?

If I did, write me!

Dr. Hall