where a woman can build her strength and freedom

Shall we be serious today … or shall we play?

The picture shows how we can play with an oval wooden painter's palette bordered by 
colored blocks, colored paints, colored crayons and paint brushes.

Let’s take a vote!

On second thought…let’s not.
Y’all might be just as hidebound as me,
and hold out for a serious topic.
(The world must be saved!)

I am one of those work first play later types.
Except later never comes.

I’m gonna go against my own grain today
and make the call
In favor of having some fun.

We all need a break once in a while
from politics, war, covid, work,
heat waves, storms, 
and power outages that melt our freezers full of food
into rivers of money gurgling down our drains…

Yes, let’s cut loose.
Maybe we can get above it all
and get stronger by playing!!!

Isn’t that what we did as kids?

We enjoyed our freedom!
We used our imagination!
We tried new things,
and created new adventures!

And as we stretched ourselves 
heading into unexplored territory
didn’t our play actually improve our mood,
build our confidence,
and bring out the best in us?

It sure did.

So let’s see what play can do for us today!

How can wearing my best colors make me stronger?