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How can I make friends with healthy food?

The photo shows healthy food - beautiful peaches, plums, berries and other fruits on display in a farmer's market.

Healthy food is rabbit food!
I’m not going to make friends with that !!!
I can’t live on the stuff skinny people eat.
sounds like somebody is not fond of spinach…

But if our body isn’t healthy and slim,
maybe our body isn’t actually happy with what we are fond of!!!
Did we ever think of that?
What WE like, our body may hate???

Maybe our body is actually really disappointed with the junk we put into it.
Wonders why we don’t take better care of it than that.
Maybe what our body wants more than anything in the world
is to be light and free
and run around like when we were kids!

what if we decide to make our body happy?
It’s really not that hard.
I would love to offer you a few ideas to get you started!

Are you with me?
Let’s DO this!

My health and beauty mentor

When I was pregnant with my first baby,
I was fortunate to come across a book called
Let’s Have Healthy Children by the nutritionist Adelle Davis.
She said if you feed a child right they will grow up to be beautiful.
I fed both of mine her way.
My son looks glorious and my daughter became a beautiful international model.

I found that book so valuable that I bought and followed several other of her books,
especially Let’s Eat Right To Keep Fit.
My body has been happy, healthy and slim throughout the decades
I’ve been following her advice.
I am deeply grateful to her, and all ideas in this post are based on her work.

Let’s talk

How about each of us have a little talk with our body and ask:
My dear body, please tell me–
what foods would make you happy, healthy and slim?”

I realize we are all different, and our answer to that question is individual.
However, there are certain foods that are particularly good
at making a body happy, healthy and slim.
You may not, right now, be fond of ANY of them!
But I want to introduce you to them in a way that will hopefully
make you willing to begin to get to know them.

Who Is Hoping You Will Friend Them?

Bessie the Cow

Unless you are bessie-intolerant, I hope you will make me your drink of choice.
Dr. Hall is a milkaholic. I can hardly make enough for her!
She guzzles 6 large ½ gallon (64 ounce) jugs of 1% every 2 weeks!
Claims she’s made of milk.

Best time to chug a glass is in the morning.
Makes your breakfast last you for hours!

Try adding a teaspoon of instant coffee to a mug of cold milk.
It makes a great cappuccino.

And a glass of milk at bedtime will help you go to sleep!

Brad the Bread Man

I’m the real deal.
The whole complete and wonderful tasty bread of life!
I’m not some pale empty fluffy hunk of cotton.
I am one hundred percent whole wheat.
But ya gotta read the label carefully.
If it only says wheat–that’s not me!
That’s just the same old empty white flour stuff.

I am fabulous when toasted! And with some Nutty Buddy (next up)!
Or as a grilled cheese sandwich.
Or as a fresh yummy sandwich with mayo, cheese and greens!

Nutty Buddy

Yes, as my buddy Brad says, I am amazing on whole wheat toast!
And if you add Bro Grape, I will knock you out!
I also make a yummy addition to a smoothie!
But here’s the deal. Most peanut butter is JUNK!
Full of hydrogenated fat to clog your arteries
and set you up toward an early heart attack.
Make sure the label says NATURAL (that means it’s not hydrogenated)
and that it contains just peanuts and salt.

Yes, you will have to stir me, which takes energy.
You take a knife and stir till the oil at the top is completely mixed in.
Dr. Hall does it to exercise her arm, but there’s a gadget you can buy to do it.
Ya just gotta tuck me in your fridge after you stir me.

Smuckers is my best kind. It’s great, crunchy or smooth!
Laura Scudder and Adams are also excellent.
Best to hold your Nutty Buddy to two tablespoons!

Bro Grape

I’m your bro on the go!
Black grapes are the best, so I let my powerful glorious flavor speak for me!
Yes, I go great with a peanut butter sandwich.
Or as a snack with cheese.
Or showing off in the middle of the dessert table of your next party!

Everybody knows how romantic I am.
So if you prepare a candlelight dinner for your sweetie,
let me be a special part of the menu!

Now ya gotta meet my brother Boo…
He loves to party, too!

Boo Berry

I grow in California, South America, British Columbia…all over the world!
Blueberries everywhere! That’s my motto!
All the bears love me. They bring their cubs and tuck in for a feast!
Now it’s YOUR turn!

You will love feasting on all those plump and juicy little berries!
Straight out of the carton!
You can eat ’em all day—hardly any calories!
Or put ’em in your next vanilla smoothie, before you go for a workout.
You will be strong just like the bears!!!

Smooth Dude

Hi! It’s the dude for the mood!
I’m the yogurt who makes such a thick and fluffy smoothie
that it will inspire you and power you through your day!
My vanilla flavor goes great with all kinds of fruit—
mangoes, strawberries, and especially Boo–
or even with Nutty!

I also am a wonderful snack or dessert entirely on my own.
And the fact I’m Greek means I’m PACKED with protein to keep you looking great!
What’s there not to love!?!?
Friend me, and I will friend you right back!!!


Hi! I’m a Bowie fan.
What a showman! When he said Let’s dance! we were all in.
Love how he used to surprise us from every direction!
I do that, too.
I’m a low fat cheese but you’d swear I’m loaded!
I am just so melty in a grilled cheese sandwich!
And you can tuck lots of the green stuff in there and nobody will ever know it.

You can bring me on a hike, chomp on me for a snack, or add me to a yummy salad.
I come in a gazillion flavors—some of them really hot!
So don’t be shy, come on by!
Do the cha cha with CH CH!!!

Wild Oats

Hi! Don’t let my container fool you.
Just because there’s an Old Fashioned Quaker on it,
don’t think I’m going to just sit here quietly!
They don’t call me wild for nothing.

I cook up into a creamy delicacy that Bessie and Boo love to dance with.
If it’s cold outside, o will I ever keep you warm!
All morning!

And there’s nothing better than a bowl of me with peaches
to fuel you up before running or a workout.
I’ll keep your heart healthy the whole time!

Eggsy Weggsy

Hi! Have you noticed?
I come in and out of fashion like bell bottoms.
One minute I’m the picture of health, next minute I’m history.
Take it from me, your winning bet is on health!

You can spin me in an eggnog, plain or with Boo.
Make me into French toast with Brad and a little Bessie.
Scramble me next to toasted Brad.
Hard boil me then pair me with the Spin Doctor (coming soon)
or have me plain for a snack with salt.
Eggsy Weggsy will keep you rockin’ all day!

The Spin Doctor

Hi! How do ya like my title?
I’m a star DJ!!!
But I have to keep a low profile.
There’s a lot of prejudice out there about the “s” word (spinach.)
I never tell anybody who I am!!!

The effect on people is like walking into a party with a clerical collar on,
or telling them you’re a psychologist.
They leave skid marks!

So, this is a situation that calls for stealth…
You tuck me into places–like CH CH said–where I am out of sight, out of mind,
and nobody will be the wiser. Not even you!

you camouflage me with a creamy oil and garlic dressing!
And toss me with CH CH, some sweet onion and pepper,
and some hardboiled Eggsie Weggsie.

See how simple it is to pull a stealth move?
You are now playing The Spin Doctor‘s favorite tune!
And if you friend me, dear friend, I will play it for you any time you like!

Quite the crew

Yes, each of these tasty characters offering themselves to you today
has a unique personality!
Ah, they are so versatile in all their combined charisma!
Who said becoming happy, healthy and slim had to be dull ???

A complaint

Uh oh.
Somebody leaked this post early.
I have already received a complaint from an irate reader!

Dr. Hall, what’s with the cornball baby talk???
Why are you talking with us like we’re children???

Um, because we ARE children.
ALL of us are children, especially when it comes to food!
We are downright rebellious children.
We want to eat whatever the heck we please.
No matter what the consequence.

We sure don’t want somebody standing over us telling us what to eat.

So …
I made you some cornball offers of friendship instead.
I’m not afraid to look ridiculous in the service of my flock.


OK, which of these awesome contenders for your affection is your favorite?

Could a lasting relationship be in the making?

I am on the edge of my seat.

Write me!

Dr. Hall