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Exercise is great — but why don’t the scales budge?

We see a bird getting lots of exercise as it soars in the sky over a clear blue stream.

We all want to fly free like this bird.
Soar through the sky
–free of fat!
(well…this one has a bit of a tummy…
which simply affirms the point
I am going to make about exercise…)

Every single authority we read
on how to lose weight
tells us the same thing:
diet and exercise.

I’m sorry to have to burst the balloon,
but the exercise part of this formula is hogwash.

I go to the same gym, year after year.
The gym is full of the same overweight people,
pushing iron and treading treadmills,
over and over and over,
week in and week out.

Are most of them quite strong?
Yes. And that is wonderful.

have they lost any weight????

Why not?

Why has all their exercise not made them any slimmer?
Here is the unfortunate truth:
It takes one HELL of a lot of HARD exercise
to burn enough calories
to lose even ONE pound of fat.

I know this.
I train hard for competitive duathlons.
I run and bike miles and miles every week.
If exercise caused weight loss
I would have disappeared by now.

Allow me to give you some basic stats

One pound of fat contains 3500 calories.
Running burns way more calories than most other exercise.
About 300 calories in half an hour.
So, let’s say you get real ambitious
and decide you are going to RUN that weight off!!!!

You will have to:
run for half an hour (which is quite hard to do)
at 5 miles an hour (which is a fast jog)

If you run twice a week,
it would take you 5 and a half weeks
to lose one pound.

Can you imagine running for five and a half weeks
just to lose one pound????
And with any less strenuous form of exercise
it will take you much longer!!!

That is why it is an illusion
to think that working out will make you lose weight.
And I think the experts and authorities
should stop fostering that illusion.

Working out will make you stronger and healthier, yes,
but it will not make you slimmer.

Help is on the way

So, if exercise ain’t gonna cut it,
what will actually help you
if you want to slim down?

I am glad to offer you
some things you can do
that have worked well for me.

Are you ready?
Let’s DO this!

How can I begin to get myself free of fat?